Five Wording Templates for Wedding Invitations

Many new couples may come across a big problem before their big days, that is how to write wedding invitations. Not all of them are familiar with this etiquette. Should the wording be formal? Or to be unique? Will all the guests like it? If you have no idea about the wording, we have recommend you five wording templates. Just find the one you like!

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How to get informal wedding invitation wording

To celebrate your bid day, there are actually many ways you can work, be it formal or casual, modern or vintage. Whatever the wedding you want to have, the wedding invitations do matter a lot to it. These days, many brides-to-be are inclined to have a casual wedding since it saves much time and pain.

Considering you have chosen an informal wedding, you can really have a break on this despite the formal announcements have specific guidelines that the informal in not as defined.

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If you want to put the parents names on the invitation, there are actually some rules you should obey. The first thing to remember is that first names are necessary on the invitations. Generally speaking, people would have the woman’s name first for a couple. In this case, man’s name and surname can be put together. However, if your parents are divorced, your mother’s name is still first. You can add the name of step parent also if you like.

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Choosing to have informal wedding invitation wording actually means that you have much more leeway. You can make the wording whatever you like and make the invitations comfortable to you. Besides, it is ok for you to add reception information on the invitations of you don’t want to order reception cards separately. In a word, this would save you much trouble sending separate cards to the guests. After all, you can add some of your personal characteristics into the cards and that will make your invitations one of a kind.

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How to Write a Wedding Invitation

When you decide the wedding date and your wedding dress, how to write a wedding invitation appropriately should be taken into consideration. As we all know, wedding invitations play an important role in the wedding planning process. Your family members and friends are able to know where the wedding ceremony will be held, what date and what kind of wedding ceremony they will attend clearly. This kind of invitation not only offers all the information to your guests, but also reflects your style and the style of your wedding. Here is how to write the best invitations.

First of all, you should consider the formality and style of your wedding. Ask yourself whether you like a formal or casual wedding. If you choose a casual one, you can design your own invitations completely. Various color, photographs and images can be used. Use your imagination to its fullest ability. Your friends and family members will see totally different and refreshed invitations, thus you can give a deep impression on them. If your wedding ceremony is formal, it means you want your guests follow some “rules”, such as, no photos, no telephones and so on. You might choose invitations in cream with black text or white. But this does not mean you should make your invitations be similar with other ones.

You might consider your wedding theme. If you and your fiancé would prefer a Hawaiian themed wedding, your invitations could contain some pictures of Hawaiian flowers and hulas. If you want a wedding held on beach, you might send invitations printed with your favorite images of beach or sea. If you are going to have a traditional wedding, you can choose some materials which look like very old and be written for many years. Besides, if you and your fiancé want your invitations with memorial meaning, you can imprint some special images on your invitations. For example, a man fell in love with a girl when he first saw the girl dancing on the stage. Later, they decide to get married. The men imprint a dancing girl on his invitations.

Then, it is of great importance to use proper words for your cheap wedding invitations. You can browse on the internet which can provide some templates. There are lots of ways to word your incitation with casual or formal tone. Do not copy those templates. After you read those templates, you will have an idea of how to express your thoughts.

Basic Invitation Etiquette You Can Follow

Wedding invitation etiquette rules today are also plentiful. It is difficult to keep remember them all, especially when it comes to wedding invitations. You ever followed these tips?
Wedding Invitation Etiquette
Invite Whom
When it comes to making your guest list, it is important to remember that only people you plan to invite to your wedding should be invited to wedding-related events like bridal showers. Before you make any official decisions as to the size of your wedding, make a master list of all possible guests. Once you have the master list, start narrowing. If your wedding will be very small, and you have some single friends on the list, your wedding invitations should just list her name.

Sending Time
Wedding invitations should be in the mail 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding. This gives guests time to receive and respond to your wedding invitation promptly and allows you time to organize your responses. When you order your wedding invitations and response cards, calculate back three weeks and put that date as the RSVP deadline.
Wedding Invitation Etiquette To Follow
Addressing Issue
If it isn’t too much more expensive to have a return address pre-printed on your outer envelopes, then you may want to purchase this option. Either hire a calligrapher or enlist help from friends or family with neat handwriting.

Keeping these wedding invitation etiquette rules in mind will help the process go smoothly and help avoid hurt feelings or misunderstandings. If you are careful enough, they are easy to follow when you are doing your invitation progress.

Invitation Etiquette With All Do and Don’t Things

Wedding etiquette is always important part to care throughout your wedding ceremony. At the first, wedding invitations will set the tone and style of your wedding, and these invitations also have tips about all the do’s and don’ts, before you seal them, stamp them and send them off.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette And Tips_What You Should Do:

  • Make sure that every guests name is spelt correctly.
  • If someone hasn’t confirmed a week after your RSVP date, give them a call.
  • Remember to include save-the-date postage when calculating your wedding budget.
  • Follow up with a wedding invitation, which you should mail four to six weeks before the actual celebration.
  • Do remember to put the hour of the ceremony. It also is an indication of the formality of the reception.
  • Order about 15-20 more invitations than you think you will need. You are bound to make mistakes when you are filling them out.

Invitations Tips With Do nd Don't

_What You Should Not Do

  • Give too much information about the wedding, stick to the basics
  • E-mail your save-the-date info
  • Send gift registry information. The only place to include that is with a shower invitation.
  • Forget to put the dress code on the invitations.
  • Don’t use abbreviations other than Mr. Mrs. Dr. and Jnr.
  • Don’t use labels on invitations or their envelopes. Rather handwrite them.
  • Don’t seal the envelopes and then write the names and addresses on the envelop, as it may leave indents on the invitation itself.

Important Invitation Idea

Very little detailed of them but can make a great difference. I mean your guests will feel you really care them so much. This is wedding invitation etiquette for you.

Guide For Something About Wedding Invitation Cards

To make sure that you haven’t forgotten to do anything, or just to get a quick glimpse of what needs to be done in order to ensure that your wedding invitations go out smoothly.
Wedding Invitation Tips For You

  • What it may cost

Prices depend on the kind of invitations you choose, where you order them, the ink, the typeface, the printing process and obviously how many you will need. You’ll spend anywhere from 50 cents to $10+ each. Remember to add in extra if you are going to hire a calligrapher.

  • Save on invitations

The best way to save money on invitations is to keep it simple. Top-of-the-line papers, colored ink and custom designing will only push up the price.

Unique Wedding Invites Tip

  • Overcompensate

Don’t order the exact number of invites you’ll need order 15-20 extra. It’s always better to have extra than to have to reorder more later, which will more than likely be more expensive. Also, ordering extra envelopes to leave room for addressing errors.

Invitation Shopping Check

  • Proof First

Just before your invitations go to print, the stationer will forward you a proof of the actual version for review. Some may send a copy via fax, where you’ll check the text for spelling errors and confirm the accuracy of date, time and other important information. Sometimes you’ll receive a true-to-life template where you’ll be able to check colors, graphics, alignment, resolution, etc. As you carefully review, double-check the date, just to be on the safe side!

Actually there are so many invitation  tips just like this. However, the more, the better. Keep some of them in mind, you will get much help.

Perfect Wedding Shower Invitation Ideas

For this informal event, and unlike wedding cards, which have more etiquette. So the ideas can be fewer limits.

If you have the time, hand write your invitations. The guests will appreciate the personal touch.
Purple Lillies Wedding Shower Invitation IdeaPurchase or download card or invitation making programs and create your own wedding shower invitations. And party stores have plenty of wedding shower invitation options. Choose a style matching the shower’s theme or the wedding décor.

A stationery store has many different paper or card stock options. Pick up a pretty or unusual pattern and print the invitations. Vellum is a popular material for wedding and wedding shower invitations.

Are all your guests local? Consider printing up an elegant invitation and rolling it into a scroll. Tie with a satin ribbon and hand deliver to each guest’s mailbox. While this can also be done via the mail, unless you purchase expensive special mailers, your invitations can arrive crushed.

Create a photo invitation. Use the bride and groom’s engagement photo, a childhood photo from the bride, or a group picture of the bride and many of the guests in attendance.
Photo Wedding Shower Invitation IdeaThere’s really no need to worry about formal wording for shower invites. Since there really aren’t any rules regarding invitations, there aren’t any hard and fast rules regarding the wording. If the event is formal, you’ll want formal wording to reflect the occasion.

List the name of the hostess, the date and time and the address. A more informal invitation can say almost anything providing it’s in good taste. Enjoy your wedding shower occasion!

Invitation For Wedding Shower

Compare to wedding invites, the wedding shower invitations doesn’t have to follow specific rules. They only need to contain the following information: The guest of honor’s name; The date; The time; The address; The theme if there will be one.

Wedding Shower Invitation StyleThere is no need to purchase formal, engraved invitations unless the wedding shower is to be a formal affair. The invitations can be hand-written, computer generated and even emailed. Because a bridal shower is an unofficial event, there’s really no set protocol.

Don’t forget to include RSVP information! You’ll want to give your guests a way to let you know whether or not they can attend. Most hostesses give a home phone number and email address. Also set a response date for your guest that allows you time to plan, shop and prepare.

Wedding Shower Card & GiftMany hostesses choose to include wedding gift registry information in with the wedding shower invitation. While this is becoming more acceptable, technically it’s considered poor etiquette. The shower is supposed to be an optional party thrown in the bride’s honor. Gifts are expected.

It’s not good etiquette to request gifts. Including registry information is considered a plea for gifts in many circles. Guests are welcome to call the bride’s mother, maid of honor or shower hostess for wedding registry information.

Invitation Verses For Your Second Marriage

If you will hold your second marriage wedding, how do want to design invitation verses, which should fit the tone and formality of your event?Planning Second WeddingSecond weddings for the bride and groom can be complicated enough without having to worry about wedding invitation etiquette. Regardless of the formality, several issues crop up when it comes to writing wedding invitation verses.

A second wedding for both of the people involved can often lead to verses that speak about a new beginning or chapter in life. Additionally, second wedding invitations are usually issued from the couple themselves. Young brides or widowers may have parents hosting their second marriage; if so, the invitations should be worded to reflect that.
Second Wedding Invitation VersesWriting invitation verses can be complicated. If you are ordering from a printer or online, suggested verses may be available to use as examples. Of course, couples can always choose to write their own verses. Perhaps the bride or groom has a background in writing and wants to have creative wording for their wedding invites for the second marriage. Keep in mind the formality of the wedding when writing your own verses.

Second marriage wedding invitation verses can be as formal or casual as the couple wishes. The key is to express the request for other to join the celebration in honor of a new and loving union the couple is ready to share. This is the most important to express in your verses.

Be Creative With Invitation Wording

As the completion of the whole wedding invites, invitation wording become a great part, and comes out a new idea–creative wording, however, you still need to find that balance between traditional formalities and personal touches that are significant to you as a couple. Wedding invitations need to present the basic facts of your ceremony. However, there is plenty of room for fun and innovation to create a personalized piece of stationery.
Creative Invitation WordingIt cannot be better that you have a friend who is a writer or is known for being good with words, firstly consider asking them for assistance with your creative wording. Including another artistic mind and a fresh set of eyes can help you cultivate a whole selection of great ideas for your invitation.

While many people try to come up with innovative wording on their own, others utilize creative inspiration resources already available to them via books and the internet.
Romantic In Wedding Invite WordingTypical wedding invitations state the hosts of the wedding, no matter it is the bride and groom or a set of parents. While the wording is usually very formal and concise, this portion of the invitation is a perfect place to infuse some joy and creativity. Just like this: Our family is growing! With happy hearts, we invite you to the wedding ceremony of…

If your wedding is at an exceptional locale or somewhere that meaningful to your couple, consider including that in your invitation as well. Use symbolism your wedding day holds to bring some excitement to your wording: Going back to our roots, we invite you to attend a ceremony to witness our family’s next generation of “I do’s.”

If you would prefer to keep your invitation traditional but are a fan of poetry or a famous quote, you can add a small blurb onto your invitation before or after the pertinent information is given. Again, consult with a writer or special member if you are interested in putting a personal touch into your invitation.

Wedding Card Wording IdeaDocuments and Designs is another great place to discover romantic pictures painted with words, as well as romantic phrases and sayings to enhance the beauty of your invitations.

Keep in mind the most important thing: keep that wording unique to you. Do not copy wording you may come across just because it sounds nice, but may not fit with the theme and personality of your wedding. Stay true to who you are and whom you hope to become as a couple, and you will no doubt find happiness with the efforts. You should know that the most unique is your true hearts.