Delicate designs for beachside wedding invitations

Are you dreaming of having a beach wedding that are full of romance and exotic touch. Decorate your wedding with a beach theme and the corresponding beach invitations are always charming and attractive. And the following are some invitations styles that may give you some inspirations about a great wedding.

First of all, passport invites together with some sweet photos of you two. You may think it amazing to send your guests these kinds of invitations. With this design of passport, your guests can easily get the theme of the coming big day and it is also a good keepsake for the times to come.

Bottle style wedding invites actually says the seaside sight and make your guests in the mood in advance. But you should be aware that the employment of this design may cost a lot, so if you are on a budget, it is the least advisable one.

Unlike the bottle invitations, seashell wedding invites are much convenient and inexpensive. You can even pick the shells you like from the seaside and this enables your guests to get different invitations that are unparallel to each other. Besides, the white or cream colored invites can make your wedding more charming and simple.

Since getting married at a beachside is very romantic and casual. You can utilize flip flops and sandals in the invitations to imply that you are holding an informal wedding. With the design of flip flop, the colors could also be more colorful and the overall touch can become warm and romantic.

An even cute style is starfish design. Just imagine an invitation card with refined paper and smooth satin. What an elegant invitation will that be? Anyway, there are so many choices for you if you are really creative and novel. After all, the final purpose of all these is to get a great wedding for the memory of the coming years. So what matters more is to enjoy yourself and follow your heart.

Red wedding invitations show your bold nature

Red always impresses people something auspicious and is always employed in many occasions. As to a wedding, everything is supposed to be good and perfect and red is definitely one of the best suitable. When it comes to the invitation, red wedding invitations are both eye-catching and audacious.

As a traditional color, red wedding invitations have strong ties to love. And they always suit the love most brides fail to express in the invitations. Opting for red wedding invitations is a bold move that will draw the attention from the guests and leave a lasting impression.

The red color is available in a variety of styles of invitations and suits any wedding budget. Brave brides want to make their invitations novel and creative could incorporate white or cream with red accents to make the invitation eye-attracting. It also works well with colors like pink, gray and other colors.

If you are planning your wedding all by yourself, colors like red is a perfect one and easy for you to make. You can easily pair a red background with an elegant lily with some delicate details. If red is the only color you want consider, you could use swirls and some other embellishments with the decoration of your sweet photos sticking to it.

Red wedding invites actually are not only a terrific choice for bold and surprising wedding; they also suit all kinds of invitation requirements, be it formal or casual. Just imagine the situation when your guests come with the red invites in hand, what beautiful scene that will be!

For a bold and gorgeous wedding it is excellent to choose some also bold invitations to match. Red is a great color to incorporate with the overall situation. It is more audacious of you to bedeck your wedding invitations with red envelope.