Top 15 Unique and Amazing Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day

For the last few months , I share many interesting and useful, well, I think, wedding information with you. Today we will talk something unique, or you may say some crazy wedding ideas.

Alice and Wonderland themed wedding ideas

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I guess many of you have read the book Alice in Wonderland, but do you ever find some wedding ideas from the book?

amazing wedding tablescape ideas with hot air balloon lights

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What a clever idea to use the hot air balloon lights! The tablescapes don’t have to stop at the table.

crazy-cool carousel house wedding ideas

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OMG! This is my favorite! Can you imagine a wedding next to a carousel?

cute wedding ideas chalk hearts on the way as the sign to weddings


Still use direction boards? Think not, I have a better idea. Just make some chalk hearts on the pavement that will lead you to a wedding ceremony or reception.

easy diy wedding ideas with an umbrella canopy

Tricia Davidge Photography

Easy DIY wedding idea. Use white umbrellas and let the lighting do the work!

funny and uniqe video game wedding ideas

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Use a projection screen or a big wall for a video game reception. Might be more fun for a party, but unique for a wedding for sure!

innovative and antiquing ideas for a wedding

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Vintage items have been very popular in recent years. No matter in a rustic or Gatsby themed wedding, they always play important roles.

magical wedding ideas with twinkle lights

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We all love the idea of twinkle lights at a wedding because they can create many types of moods from festive to elegant to magical.

stunning firework lights for wedding decorations

Joy von Tiedmann Photography

I’m quite sure that these stunning firework lights will give you an unforgettable wedding memory!

unique and interative guest book ideas

Nancy Cohn Photography

I like this interactive guest book ideas. Guests are instructed to choose a word that described the bride and groom in a dictionary, and sign their signature next to it. Isn’t it clever?

unique wedding decor ideas displaying family wedding photos on a tree

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It has been a beloved tradition for years that display family wedding photos, I love this family tree idea.

unique wedding decorations that use the book as centerpieces

Kim Le photography

Love using the books as part of the centerpiece!

unqiue wedding backdrop ideas inspired poetry in emotion

Tammy Horton Photography

What a beautiful scene that say ” I do” in front of this poetry backdrop!

urban and stylish warehouse MC motos wedding

Aneta Mak Photography

Wow, what a amazing warehouse wedding! Let’s rock and have fun!

Wedding reception decor uplighting gobo design

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Use a projection can create a dream wedding. Why don’t you have a try?

Ideas of having funny and unique wedding invitations

Since wedding always take great part in the life of everyone, much attention has been attached to throwing a gorgeous wedding. And the first obstacle they may confront is invariably the making of the wedding invites in that they speak a lot about the coming nuptial and decides whether your guests would come.

Many brides-to-be are always racking their brains to make unparallel wedding invitations to attract the attention of their beloved friends and want make the wedding a great memory by employing the invitations cards. Nowadays, many people choose simple and artistic DIY invitations or just buy blank templates and make the invitations full of personal touches and impressive for the wedding. Generally speaking, wedding invites should be funny one of a kind so as to attract people.

It is true that some traditional wedding invites is still appealing to some extend and that is the reason why there are still some people passionate about the design. Instead of opting for standard formalities in the wording, you are supposed to pick some simple designed standard invitations with the necessary information attached to it. to be honest, this kind of invitation cards represent your taste as well as making your wedding a formal one. Hence, never worry that classic traditional designs may make you in disgrace.

Another kind of wedding invitations that may be considered as funny and creative is to apply caricature and cartoon characters in your invitations to make great impressions to your guests. In this diversified days, much can be added to your invitations like your favorite cartoon features like Shrek and the princess or even boldly the vampires that you are in favor of.

What mentioned above is just some of the typical ideas that can make a unique wedding invitation for you. and with bold imaginations, you will definitely get surprising and appealing invitation cards to make a perfect wedding.

Unique wedding invitation ideas

Nowadays couples try to make their big day special from the routine. So wedding these days are not only moments to bring together two souls, but a unique time for realizing a dream of being the focus of a event and nothing is supposed to be wrong. And actually a perfect wedding always starts from the preparation of wedding invitations.

Being unique is actually a personal thing and has strong private features. For a musician, it is unique if you add staff in the invitation. If you are crazy about beautiful scenery, it is probably exciting for you to receive invitations with photos attached to it. However, if you come from military family, wedding invitations of camo theme will completely represent the background.

For couples who are active in protecting our living environment, you can choose cheap recyclable materials to make your invitations. Anyway, there are lots of ideas to create an unusual invitation card.

Unique look can be achieved by both designs and the materials that are chosen to make the invitation. Generally speaking, unique wedding cards call for creative minds and special estheticism of things. For example, when you are having a beach wedding, you can make bottle wedding invites with the necessary information on it. It is truly a great design for some people, while others may think it too ludicrous to accept. Beauty lies in those who have the ability to appreciate it.

Anyway, with special and one-of-a-kind invitation, your big day will definitely be much funnier and memorable both for you and your guests. Special elements are always surprising and full of imagination. With the eye-catching and funny wedding invitations sent out to your friends, your wedding already succeeds.

Though wedding is an occasion supposed to be full of love and happiness, you should try to save money from all aspects since the budget has a limit. With careful consideration and efforts put on it, your wedding invites will definitely be a success.

Informal and Casual Invitations for Your Wedding

Not every wedding is a black tie affair held in a church. For some brides, a backyard bash, a reception in a garden, or a small gathering in a restaurant is their dream of the wonderful wedding. If your wedding is going to be casual, your invitations should also be informal. Here are some ideas for such casual wedding invites.

Less formal wedding invitations are available in the market different in colors, styles and details. You can choose funny and creative invitations for your upcoming park wedding. A die cut piece of cardboard shaped like a bluebird would be sweet for a garden wedding. For a backyard wedding in the summer, print your invites on a paper fan. Or send out wedding cards which are printed on puzzles. That must be very interesting and memorable.

Your wedding invitation cards can feature a photograph of you and your future partner, be made to resemble theater tickets, or be printed on an unusual material such as bamboo. Since there are really no rules for casual invites, just use your imagination and creativity to obtain the unique wedding invitations.

The style, color, and wording should all work together to create invitations which give your guests a hint as to the relaxed theme of your wedding. It will help them know what to expect and what to wear, and also sets the tone for the event. A casual wedding invitation provides a chance to create something really offbeat and unique.

Casual wedding stationery does not imply you have to seek for invitations with top quality. It simply means you don’t have to make use of the conventional wording or expensive supplies. There are a great many of beautiful invitations available for a casual wedding ceremony. You only have to do a little research to find the invitation that meets your expectations and budget. Since the wedding invitation takes a special and essential part of the much more important event, you should prepare carefully and try to find the most suitable style to match with your casual wedding theme.

The Way to Make Wonderful Wedding Invitation Cards

There are hundreds and thousands wedding invitations available in the market. They have different themes, styles, and colors. You could get your favorite wedding invites from the stationery or wedding shops. If you have no idea on choosing one that precisely meets your need, you can select customized invitation for your special event. The following methods will help you make the right invitation cards.

There are many invitation factories you can choose from to make your customized wedding invitation cards. Most companies even allow you to see just what your invitation will look like in advance. Also if you are purchasing online, you can get examples to review. Just search from the website and move your e-mouse you can get what you want. If you are considered more about the really quality of them, you could also go directly to merchants that carry a huge selection of items to individually evaluate the quality of each firm’s offering.

After choosing the manufacturer to make your wedding cards, then you should design your invitations. You should select the layout and concept you want to have placed on your cards. Sometimes you may pick out a variety of themes that range from formal to informal or seasonal to subject based themes. If you have no idea on the right layout, just pick out the one that suits your wedding theme better.

If you hope to have unique wedding invites to show your personality, you should also pick some distinctive embellishments to decorate your invitations. Nowadays your dream can easily come true, because many manufacturers provide a great number of decorations for you to choose from. Just simply add them to your wedding invitations, your invites will look gorgeous and they will be unique as well.

The wordings printed on the invites are also significant for wonderful wedding invitations. Different designs can let them turn on various appearances. The typefaces and ink colors printed on the invitation cards are truly the last touch that brings the entire layout of the invites to life. Try to create a proper layout of all typefaces and choose suitable ink colors to make your wedding invitations stunning and attractive.

Create DIY Pocket Wedding Invites

If you want to save money from your wedding budget, a good way to cut costs is to make your own wedding invitations. Make your own handmade invites by using your computer and some arts and crafts supplies. One of the most popular invitation styles is the pocket fold which has a pocket to hold the RSVP, invitation and other details. It’s practical and popular. Here are tips on making your own pocket fold wedding invites.

To make DIY pocket wedding invites, you should make well preparation for everything, such as the style, color or even the details of your wedding inside the pocket. If necessary, you can make direction cards for your guests. If you want to make your invitations special and unique, you can go in for different designs, themes and layouts which are available online.

Since the DIY pocket fold wedding invitations is a perfect choice when you are tight on budgets, you should take some effort to make them stand out without cheap look. You can get some good ideas from online invitation samples or you can take the help of your friends to make the most unique and beautiful invites.

No matter which style you choose for making your pocket wedding invites, you should make sure that the layout and the overall design match your wedding theme. If you are planning to hold a formal wedding, you can choose simple colors like white, lavender or pale yellow to be the tone of your invitations. While, if you will have a beach wedding, bright colors such as blue or orange may be better.

Since modern and unique designs are gaining popularity these days, you can also follow this trend to create unique wedding invites. Add some accessories like lace, ribbons or dry flowers to express the uniqueness of your pocket wedding invitation cards.

Wording is also important for your DIY wedding invitation. So you also have to pay more attention to it. Check out all details of your invites before mailing to your guests and you should mail them in advance so that your guests will be able to come on time.

Unique Wedding invites for Your Wedding Day

Wedding is one of the most significant events in one’s life. Most of people hope their wedding to be perfect and memorable. As a result, they have to consider lots of things before their big days, such as choosing suitable wedding invites. Some couples like elegant and simple cards, some like funny invitations, and even some like unusual one. If you are those people who are interested in unique wedding cards, here are some good ideas on funky invitations.

Use usual color combinations

Use unusual color combinations will make your wedding invitation cards funkier which you are longing for. To some extent, funky color combination in your invites is sort of attaining a level of being weird, which will accent the theme of your wedding cards. There are so many samples available online, so you can choose your favorite one easily.

Use graphic designs

Because of the advantage of computer, you can create graphic designs on your cards easily that will make your wedding invitations unusual. At the same time, if you have basic knowledge on graphic illustration, you can draw it by yourself. DIY wedding invites can be the best one, for it not only contains all details you want to show, but also can help you save money on purchasing from shops. Or you can make it together with your future partner that you must have much fun during the process.

Use Leopard Print

Leopard print is fashionable these years. Although this pattern can be seen everywhere, little people apply this good idea for their wedding invitations. This must be cool. Just think about the picture of your leopard print invite, you may get a special touch of modern. Zebra and tiger stripes are wonderful as well. Meanwhile, it is even a natural friendly theme.

Unusual wedding invitation wordings are also important. No matter what the theme of your wedding cards, make sure that the wordings follow the wedding etiquette. Unique and funky wedding invitation cards can bring you lot of fun and will make your wedding more special and memorable. By following the above ideas on creating unique wedding cards, you will get much fun during your wedding day.

Chic Wedding Invitations – A Good Idea for Your Wedding

Are you looking for a stylish type of wedding invitations for your upcoming wedding? Do you like sophisticated and beautiful wedding invitation cards? Do you want to use unique wedding invitations to invite your guests and let them shocked when receiving the card? Well, chic wedding invites may be the best choice.

Chic wedding invitations can create a sophisticated feel to your wedding ceremony, and they look stylish and unique as well. There are some types of chic invitations you can choose from. There is an endless supply of wedding invitations available in the market or online. It means that you should pay much attention to choose the best one. An invitation will be a lasting memento from that special day and it is important that it be special.

Choose a timeless color scheme maybe a simple way, such as black &white or black & silver. A soft pastel shade is also a good choice. Turquoise is another example of a chic color. Various shades of purple and pink are also popular in chic wedding invitations. Any color can be styled into a beautiful invitation.

Raised ink creates an expensive feel to your wedding invitation cards. A white board with silver gilt also looks modern and fabulous. A simple postcard style invitation also can add a chic feel to your wedding.

Another way to get your guests thinking high of your stylish wedding is to add drawings or photos to your invitations. You can choose a beautiful wedding picture to create a personalized touch. A black and white picture printed in silver foil may look amazing.

The most important thing to consider when selecting a wedding invitation is your special personality. An invitation is an excellent way to express your wedding theme, style and colors to your guests. It may a little while to find the right one for your special day.

When buying chic invitations, you should keep your budget in mind. It’s true that you will spend a lot of money on your wedding. Buying stylish and chic wedding invitations with little money can be achieved if you purchase them from online shops.

DIY Cheap Wedding Invitations on a Budget

It’s a fact that wedding costs a great deal money and energy. As an important part of wedding, invitation cards cost a great amount of time and money. When you want classy invitations but your budget limits your choice of expensive invitations, you may feel contradictory and helpless. It is possible for you to purchase cheap, unique wedding invitations that complement your wedding theme without looking cheap. However, cheap wedding invites with high quality is hard to find. It’s time for you to make them yourself. A little time and innovation you can create unique invitations and save a lot of money.

At the same time, it is a good opportunity for you to show off your creativity. Before you get started, you should know that your invitations should reflect the theme of your wedding, and you should draw a picture in your mind that which color is better and which style can be appropriate. If you will hold a casual wedding ceremony, your invites should be casual. Flowers, Poems or photographs can be chosen. Remember that cheap wedding invitations don’t mean cheap look. They all decided by your own creativity.

Well, let’s talk about how to make the cheap wedding invitations yourself. You have to decide what style you want to create at first. If you have no idea about the style, you can search templates from web. When you have decided the style, you should think about what materials you want to use and how many of them you plan to buy. Printing your DIY invitations from a home printer might be the cheapest choice. If you are worry about the quality, you can go to copy shops. Now that you have nicely-printed invites, it’s time for you to add embellishments to decorate these invitations, such as ribbons and charms. Don’t forget the reply cards when you package your wedding invitations into envelopes.

Cheap wedding invitations don’t have to be poor look and low quality. However, with some creativity, time and energy, you can create the most amazing invitation cards with little money. So, try to make it yourself and create your own style to make your wedding invitations valued.

Another Unique Choice About Custom Wedding Invites

It’s very popular today to create wedding invitations by couples themselves. Of course, we can still be unique in this way. However, it’s a time-consumed progress. There is another choice that you can still consider, that can keep your unique style—Custom Invitations.

Unique Custom Wedding Invitation Option

If you are interested in custom made wedding invitations, then you’ll first need to contact a graphic designer. Most graphic designers are eager to do this type of work, it’s a great way for them to show off their creativity.

Remember not to make your final selection based solely on price – you want the best quality and that usually means you have to spend a little more. Keep in mind that custom made unique wedding invitations are going to cost more than other types of invitations. You should request a specific price after you’ve agreed on the final invitation design.

Custom Your Wedding Invitation To Be Unique

Also, a growing number of couples are using the Internet as a way to keep guests informed about the wedding details and as a way to share their memories of the planning stages. There are many online stores offer custom services. They may help you a lot in your custom progress.