23 Eye- popping Vintage Wedding Ideas

vintage wedding cake ideas for the year 2016Cakes, cakes , cakes! Cakes are always the main character of a wedding no matter its style. What I like best is the vintage wedding cakes, covered with cream lace or fresh flowers. So I picked 23 great vintage wedding cakes for you today, enjoy and choose your favorite!

1920s Gatsby inspiration vintage wedding cakes

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adorable white naked wedding cake ideas

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black white and gold wedding cake with art deco design

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classic white wedding cake gets a vintage touch from gilded detailing and lush sugar blooms

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dramatically gorgeous vintage wedding cake ideas

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vintage wedding cake inspiration with chic classy design details

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Lace and Pearls Vintage Wedding Cakes

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pink vintage wedding cakes with lovely lace details

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romantic vintage chic wedding cake ideas

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rustic chic vintage wedding cake ideas

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rustic vintage chic wedding cake inspiration

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rustic vintage wedding cake with fresh roses and sweet mini white pumpkins

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rustic vintage wedding cakes for barn wedding

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simple vinatge pretty wedding cake ideas

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vinate burgundy and gold wedding cakes

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vintage chalkboard wedding cakes inspiration for 2016

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vintage naked wedding cake with succulent accents

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Back To the Golden Age——Vintage Inspired Wedding

I wished I lived in the Golden Age

Giving it up on the Broadway stage

Hang with the rats and smoke cigars

Just have break with Frank and count stars

Dressed to the night, we’ve had too much

Shiny jewels, casino cash

Tapping feet, wanna take the lead

A trip back in time is all I need

————The Golden Age, the Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Gatsby inspired wedding

Every time I hear this song, my mind always go back to the 1920s. Fitzgerald once said that it was an age of miracles, it was an age of art, it was an age of excess.” Because of the popularity of the Great Gatsby, vintage wedding is becoming a hot spot for many future couples. However, not many people know how to hold a vintage wedding like Gatsby’s, I’ll give you my understanding. So why don’t you have a trip back to the Golden Age with you honey?

vintage wedding

vintage wedding ideas

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Get vintage wedding invitations to start your wedding

Living in a society sending strong air of modern tincture, people are now more attracted to vintage weddings. It is an elegant display of old fashion with a modern touch. Much attention has been attached to prepare a vintage design wedding ceremony. Since the wedding invitations are the first glance into the overall theme of the wedding. So sending them beautiful and vintage wedding invitations can be both easy and rewarding.

When making an invitation card, you should first of all get to know the color scheme. Colors often used in vintage designs are cream, black, white and chocolate. Patterns that contain floral or wood-grain elements can add a touch of vintage to the wedding invites.

Secondly, choose vintage-inspired wedding invites template from an online shop. Then join calligraphy into it to make it more vintage-like. Coordinate with some professionals on how the invitation’s text should read. Check carefully the information on the template to match the details and make sure all the dates, venues and directions are written correctly before sending them out.

Since you have set your mind on producing vintage wedding invites, you are supposed to make sure that the styles of the invitation cards go with the wedding theme otherwise, it could be very awkward and embarrassing.

When choosing for the materials, delicate materials such as letterpress- inspired cotton or pearl or textured pattern. Edges add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the whole wedding invites design. To conclude, wedding invitations are symbols presenting that two people are getting married soon and it is advisable to create a feel of love and warm.

Wedding Invitation Ideas for a Fall Wedding

Are you planning for your fall wedding? Do you know how to make your wedding invitations special and suitable for the theme? Here are some good ideas for you to make your fall wedding invites.

The first thing you need to consider is choosing a theme. There are some holidays during the fall, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, even Rosh Hashanah. When you’re planning your invitations you can choose a holiday theme. For example, if you like funny and humorous themed wedding, you can choose a Halloween-themed invitation that you can add a picture of a spider or bat on it. Meanwhile, you can consider the Gothic style invitation cards.

If you plan to purchase wedding invitations from a stationary store, you will find a great number of options in fall colors with rich embossed images. Brown, orange, green and yellow are all good choices. You can also use gold or brown wax seals to add hints of fall colors. Meanwhile, heavy weight or heavy bond papers work well and give your wedding invites a wonderful fall feel. Also papers with a deckled or unfinished edge are a nice touch.
One the other hand, if you want to show your personality and creativity, you can make wedding cards yourself. Consider going with fall-themed card stock or scrapbook paper. For a creative touch to the front of the invitations, attach artificial fall leaves or real leaves dipped in wax. Wide burgundy ribbons, bows, and even photographs of the couple also can add a personal touch to the wedding invitations. Pictures of fall symbols like pumpkins, cornucopias, turkeys, apples, corn, and scarecrows are also can be used for making your DIY wedding invites.
In a word, there are numerous options that you can get meaningful and affordable wedding invitations and there is always the option to make DIY wedding invitations. So if you are planning to send out autumn wedding invitations you are sure to find a wide variety of colors, decorations, and papers that will work for you. By planning ahead and shopping carefully or even making it yourself you are sure to save a lot of money and have a wonderfully themed wedding invitation.

Vintage Wedding Invitations and Announcements

Wedding invite cards haven’t changed drastically over the years. Invitations from the pioneer days were simple, written in elegant script on plain white or brown paper. Victorian wedding invitations often had elegant embossed borders. Here are some unique ways to add a little vintage  flair to wedding invitations and announcements.Vintage Love Wedding Invitation

Vintage Paper Dolls
For elegant playful wedding invitations, consider using vintage paper dolls. Simply attach a cut out paper doll to a cardstock base and compose the wedding announcement or invitation on the back.

Vintage Letterpress Companies
Letterpress printing evokes a bygone era of inky newspaper printing. While newspapers are no longer printed using this method, letterpress printing is still used in fine literary editions or for wedding invitations. The crisp imprinted lettering created by this printing technique is best for use on simple, text-based invitations, as graphics and designs may be less clear with letterpress printing.Vintage Cardigan Printed Wedding Invitation

Society Columns
A unique way to announce a wedding is through the format of the old-fashioned society column. These columns, still prevalent in some form in many local newspapers, updated readers on everything from who was going on vacation to who in town was still recovering from the flu.

Researching Vintage Wedding Invitations
Starting the search for the perfect vintage wedding invitations can be overwhelming when sorting through all of the styles and historical eras. Do plenty of research ahead of time online or at the library to find the exact style that appeals most.