Top 16 Wedding Bearer Ideas that You Can’t Miss

most popular and cute wedding ring bearer ideas for 2016

While much attention are focused on beautiful flower girls usually on a wedding, here’s some wonderful tips for wedding ring bearers. As important as the job of ring bearer is to carry the rings and even announce the bride, their main job is to look adorable. I’ve collected 16 wonderful ideas for you, check them out!

adorable cute wedding ring bearer outfits ideas

Anna K. Photography LLC

Adorable ring bearers in loafers, suspenders, and bow ties


country rustic wedding ring bearer in cowboy boots

Kina Wicks Photography

cowboy ring bearer idea for west rustic weddings

Kristi Sheriff Photography

cute wedding ring  bearer idea for 2016


cute wedding ring bearer ideas with mint

Tessa J. Photography

great vintage wedding ring pillow ideas

Brandon Wong Photography

ring bearer mint aqua attire summer wedding

katelyn James Photography 

speical ring bearer ideas for christan wedding

Cory Kendra Photography

super cute traditional wedding bearer ideas for you big day

Alyssa Marie Photography

vintage ring bearers for a rustic wedding

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Wedding Ring Bearer Page Boy Bow Tie

BG Productions Photography and Videography

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