Five Wording Templates for Wedding Invitations

Many new couples may come across a big problem before their big days, that is how to write wedding invitations. Not all of them are familiar with this etiquette. Should the wording be formal? Or to be unique? Will all the guests like it? If you have no idea about the wording, we have recommend you five wording templates. Just find the one you like!

wording templates for wedding invitations

mint and peach ribbon dandelion spring wedding invites

wording templates for wedding invitations-2

elegant flower laser cut wedding invitations

wording templates for wedding invitations-3

starfish folded beach summer wedding invitation

wording templates for wedding invitations-4

classic wedding invitations gold buckle white satin ribbon layered

wording templates for wedding invitations-5

classic affordable blush pink heart wedding invitations

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Classic Black and White Wedding Inspirations

The combination of black and white for weddings is one of those timeless classics that will never to out of style. If you are a traditionalist, you can stick with damask and flourish patterns for an upscale, elegant look at your wedding. Here are some black and white wedding ideas.

black and white wedding ideas

Seal and send out your black and white wedding invitations to set the right mood for the ceremony.Just click on the following photos and start to personalize to make them you own wedding invites.


Ablaze Black and White Wedding InvitationsAblaze Black and White Wedding Invitationsas low as $0.49

Classic White And Black Wedding Invitations Classic White And Black Wedding Invitations as low as $0.49


2013 Cheap Vintage Wedding Invitations Recommendation

Vintage has been a hot wedding theme for years and it is obvious that it will continues to be one of the hottest wedding theme in the year 2013, and of course so do vintage wedding invitations. Here I’d like to recommend some cheap but quality vintage wedding invitations for your 2013 wedding.

Green Vintage Wedding Invition Green Vintage Wedding Invition

Vintage Tree Wedding InvitesVintage Tree Wedding Invites

Vintage Purple Wedding CardVintage Purple Wedding Card

Vintage Green Wedding Invite Vintage Green Wedding Invite

Black and White Vintage Wedding InvitationsBlack and White Vintage Wedding Invitations

Vintage Black Shivering Wedding InvitesVintage Black Shivering Wedding Invites

Vintage Yellow Wedding InvitesVintage Yellow Wedding Invites


Top Wedding invitation trends for 2013

Wedding invitations set the tone for the big day and say much about the atmosphere of the wedding apart from providing people information regarding your big day. In fact, trend is a kind of effect that matters a lot to the wedding and they majorly decides whether your invitation cards will be a success.

wedding trends 2013

As for the trends for the coming year, there are some parts you can work on in fact to make your own cards one of a kind. First of all, classic color combination is still the rage, white and black, cream will remain to be best choices for wedding colors.

Besides, colors like blue, brown and pink will be new hot choices for invitations in the coming year. They are suitable for both formal and casual invitations. Besides, you can work them together and make the cards creative.

laser cut wedding invitations

As for the designs, flowers will still be one of the most popular choices since they are suitable for so many different themes and will always have great impression to the guests. In addition, swirls and butterflies also remain hot trends for the most popular designs for the invitations in 2013.

vintage wedding trend

As for the wording, there are still two different types for you to choose, including formal verse and casual ones. You can in fact add some of your own ideas and make the wording unique and special. What’s more, you have to make sure that the information provided on the cards are all correct.

Making your guests wow for your pocket wedding invitations

Choosing pocket wedding invitations can always be a wise decision to leave your guests a good impression. No matter you are going to have a roman tic or formal wedding, those pockets can always reach your demand for their elegance and delicacy.

red pockets wedding invitation

Many couples are careful and want to prepare themselves for their wedding. In this case, you can choose pockets wedding invitations and then assemble them to the one you like. For example, you choose different colored pockets and seal. Then, you can make your favorite color combination. It definitely can make your cards unique and show your own personalities.

The pockets are use to hold your invitations, response cards and some other cards like reception or wishing well. After containing all cards need to be sent out, a seal can combine the whole set. Usually, some basic information will be included like bride’s and groom’s name and their wedding day.

sample patter for pockts

When deciding the color of the seal for your pockets, you should be much more considerable. Colors related to your invitations or your wedding color are recommended. The pockets can be the same design like invitations or you can do it your selves.

same design for seal

Wonderful collections of wedding invitation wording samples

There are two basic types of wedding invitation wording including formal wording and informal wording. Wedding invitation wording sets the tone, theme and mood for your wedding. It give cues to guests about what kind of dress they need to be in as dress requests are different according to the wedding style. To be specific, there are formal, semi-formal and casual weddings.

Wedding Invitations

As you can see from the above two samples, the left one is formal wedding invitation wording while the right one is casual wedding invitation wording. The wording tells guests the wedding style. Usually, couples will choose a much fancier font for their own names to make it outstanding. Of course, they may also choose a different color for names. Below are two great wedding invitation wording samples.

Unique Alternative To A Traditional Pocket Style Invitation

It is not a very hard task for you to write down proper wording for the wedding invitation. You can search out some good samples easily through Internet. On professional wedding invitation website, you can find many wording styles meeting many different needs. And you are surly to find one fits your situation. Once you find out the wedding invitation wording good for you, the rest thing is to replace your information with the original sample which is definitely easy for you.

The above invitation has a unique way to list its wording. If you love the feeling and meaning you get from this design, you can just choose it and fill your information instead. If you can compose the wedding invitation wording decently, it will just make your beautiful invitation much more welcoming to your guests.

How to get informal wedding invitation wording

To celebrate your bid day, there are actually many ways you can work, be it formal or casual, modern or vintage. Whatever the wedding you want to have, the wedding invitations do matter a lot to it. These days, many brides-to-be are inclined to have a casual wedding since it saves much time and pain.

Considering you have chosen an informal wedding, you can really have a break on this despite the formal announcements have specific guidelines that the informal in not as defined.

cute wedding invitations

If you want to put the parents names on the invitation, there are actually some rules you should obey. The first thing to remember is that first names are necessary on the invitations. Generally speaking, people would have the woman’s name first for a couple. In this case, man’s name and surname can be put together. However, if your parents are divorced, your mother’s name is still first. You can add the name of step parent also if you like.

fantastic wedding invitations

Choosing to have informal wedding invitation wording actually means that you have much more leeway. You can make the wording whatever you like and make the invitations comfortable to you. Besides, it is ok for you to add reception information on the invitations of you don’t want to order reception cards separately. In a word, this would save you much trouble sending separate cards to the guests. After all, you can add some of your personal characteristics into the cards and that will make your invitations one of a kind.

casual wedding invitation wording

Funny wedding invitations

Do you want have totally different wedding invitation and leave a great memory for your wedding? Think about making a impression and creating a forever memory to both of you and your guests will help make your wedding a big success.

adorable wedding invitations

Funny wedding invitations will help to add fun to your nuptial. As we all know, wedding invites are the first impression people get about the wedding and they decide whether to attend your wedding by simply glimpse of your wedding invitations. Hence, funny invitations will definitely add the possibilities for them. Imagine the expression they will be wearing when they look at the invitations.

cartoon funny wedding invitations

As to the ways to make your wedding invites adorable, you can add some of your personal ideas and with the help of funny decorations. For instance, you could actually choose to make the invitations with the background of some of your favored cartoon image or the caricature of you two. In this case, you can not only get funny wedding cards but also they will help make a great wedding for the memories even years to come.

funny wedding invitations

Apart from this, one way to get funny wedding invitations is to get invitations by your own way. You could add whatever you like into the cards. For example, considering you are having a casual wedding, you can add elements you think is funny into the invitation cards. Anyway, having funny cards for the big day will never let you down and they will help your wedding one of a kind.

Floral Wedding Invitations Add More Romantic to Your Big Day

As a social gathering of the unification of a man and a woman in love, wedding is undoubtedly memorable to both the hosts and the guests, cherished and treasured by them in the rest of their lives. To announce your big day to your family and friends, wedding invitations are among the most important things that should be taken into consideration.


There are lots of types of wedding cards to choose from. Among them, floral wedding invitation cards are very popular. Whatever your wedding type is, floral wedding invitations can deeply impressed your guests and perfectly decorate your ceremony. Floral wedding invites are fitting for any wedding theme whether your wedding theme is a specific flower or a color scheme, and they can definitely enhance your wedding theme.


The most common invites among floral wedding invites are rose wedding invitations with different kinds of rose colors, such as red, white, pink, yellow and etc. Other flowers like daisy, lily, calla lily and water lily are often used as floral wedding invites, which can symbolize forever love.

When choosing floral invitation cards, pay attention to the color scheme to ensure the wording on the cards can be read through the design. If the design includes dark colors, then use bright color wording can be better. In addition, your guests will get the first impression about your wedding through the wedding invitations. Under this circumstance, it is extraordinary important to stick with the atmosphere you are hoping to create. Your guests will know what your wedding is going to be when they receive the invites.

Floral wedding invites can add more romantic to your ceremony with hope and good thoughts in hand. You can consider enhancing them with special extras such as coordinating envelope liners. It is these special touches that make your big day full of sunshine and smile.