Floral Wedding Invitations Add More Romantic to Your Big Day

As a social gathering of the unification of a man and a woman in love, wedding is undoubtedly memorable to both the hosts and the guests, cherished and treasured by them in the rest of their lives. To announce your big day to your family and friends, wedding invitations are among the most important things that should be taken into consideration.


There are lots of types of wedding cards to choose from. Among them, floral wedding invitation cards are very popular. Whatever your wedding type is, floral wedding invitations can deeply impressed your guests and perfectly decorate your ceremony. Floral wedding invites are fitting for any wedding theme whether your wedding theme is a specific flower or a color scheme, and they can definitely enhance your wedding theme.


The most common invites among floral wedding invites are rose wedding invitations with different kinds of rose colors, such as red, white, pink, yellow and etc. Other flowers like daisy, lily, calla lily and water lily are often used as floral wedding invites, which can symbolize forever love.

When choosing floral invitation cards, pay attention to the color scheme to ensure the wording on the cards can be read through the design. If the design includes dark colors, then use bright color wording can be better. In addition, your guests will get the first impression about your wedding through the wedding invitations. Under this circumstance, it is extraordinary important to stick with the atmosphere you are hoping to create. Your guests will know what your wedding is going to be when they receive the invites.

Floral wedding invites can add more romantic to your ceremony with hope and good thoughts in hand. You can consider enhancing them with special extras such as coordinating envelope liners. It is these special touches that make your big day full of sunshine and smile.

Floral Wedding Invitations Add Fragrance to Your Wedding

Since there are lots of wedding invitations available in the market for you to choose from, have you decided the style of your wedding invites? Your wedding card is the medium to inform your friends this happiness. Therefore, it should be selected carefully and properly. One of the popular styles is floral wedding invitations.

Floral Wedding cards are beautiful and are kept close to the hearts of both the bride and groom. Floral invitations have been in existence for a long time and with the latest technology the quality and looks of them have promoted, especially the flower photos printed on them are increasingly better every year. And different flowers will add different fragrance to your wedding.

Red roses are the most popular flower choice to decorate wedding stationery. At the same time, yellow, pink and white flowers sometimes make an unexpected effect. If you choose red you can use a cream or ivory card for the basis of the design. As for yellow flower, white colored board is recommended. Frangipani wedding invitations are also a trending choice in the market. If you want an exotic type, then orchid floral wedding invitations can be chosen, which represents love and beauty. Meanwhile, lily is popular as well for it represents purity and happiness.

If you want to make handmade wedding invitations, you can create a heart shaped card decorated with satin or dry real flowers. That must be very beautiful. Or, if you like to keep things simple, just use one single flower on a simple and single sheet. This can add a surprising impact to the wedding card and create an elegant feel to your wedding invitation card too.

To add more value to your floral wedding invitations you can choose a style with borders, filigree or foil prints, to match with embossing or engraving. Having so much to choose from, your floral wedding invitations will be breathtaking much like the wedding itself. In addition, to complete the wedding theme you can decorate your reception tables with vases of flowers to add a romantic touch and fragrant feel to your wedding.

Beautiful Floral Wedding Invite Designs To Go Along With Wedding Theme

Flowers are a common theme for many weddings. They convey beauty, romance and elegance. So it comes as no surprise that floral wedding invitations are popular among many couples.

Captivating Calla Lily Wedding CardFrom delicately subtle prints to bold splashes of bright flowers, there are so many beautiful ways to bring your wedding invitations to life with floral themes. Whether your taste is elegant, simple and traditional or to contemporary and bold, there are dozens of beautiful floral wedding invitation designs to choose from.

Signature Sweetness Floral Wedding InviteIf your wedding is more traditional, or if you just prefer classic wedding invitation design, there are lots of choices. The most traditional wedding invitations feature white on white embossed flower borders. Whether you choose wedding invitations embossed with daisies or roses, it’s the white on white raised design that makes the invitation timeless and elegant. You can even have the best of both worlds by choosing a non-traditional ink color for your printing and matching it to an envelope liner.

Garden Flower Grace Wedding InvitationIn the end, the choice of floral wedding invitations come down to your personal taste. Wedding invitations can represent or reflect the theme of your wedding, so you’ll want to take some careful time and consideration when choosing your invitations.

Unique Daisy Wedding Invitations

Have you ever given a thought to the idea of making daisy wedding invitations? Well, study the pursuing article and get to learn extra about the daisy wedding invitations.

Daisy themed wedding invitations is the best idea in the occasion you are searching for trendy however traditional wedding invitation ideas. Daisy and any other sort of floral wedding invitations is a unique way to break the news of your special day to your near and dear ones. Daisy flower meaning mainstays undying love and affection, that is also a reason why individuals plan daisy themed weddings. An elegant flower species, daisy flowers certainly are a real delight to watch.

1. Professional Daisy wedding Invitations

To give a formal look to wedding invitation card, buy professionally printed daisy flower invitations. You can include some ribbons, laces or vellum layers to them for that feminine and softer look. You can get them embossed so as to retain the feel of a traditional wedding. You can locate numerous daisy themed wedding invitations ranging from pearlized and foiled flower accents, solitary as nicely as double embossed daisy flower borders, etc. You may also get a total daisy wedding invitation kit including RSVP cards, announcement cards, reception cards and thank you notes. these are customized invitation cards, so you can choose the design and style by yourself. much more on make your personal wedding invitation.

blue green dasiy wedding invitation
blue green dasiy wedding invitation

Unusual Daisy Wedding Invitations

Having your personal daisy photographs printed on the invitation cards is really unique idea for wedding invitations. You may also choose the best black-and-white photographs of the daisy flowers and get a photo-journalistic look. Secondly, you can opt for dried as well as ribbon or origami daisy flowers to decorate your daisy wedding invitations. You can easily find some at a local select retailer. Since you are having a daisy wedding theme, you should also consider to make some daisy wedding favors. One of the best ways to do so is to give away daisy seed packets with the wedding details printed at their backside. It is a delightful gesture to invite your guests with them.

daisy wedding theme
Yellow Daisy Wedding Theme

Daisy wedding theme also demands the bride and groom to get colored inside blossom of the daisies. For that, you can showcase a variety of kinds of daisies as opposed to the typical whitened Shasta daisy. You must include a variety of daisy appliqués to your wedding dresses, like sewing daisy beads for the bridal gowns, wedding veil or headpiece with daisy beads, daisy petal tiara and gerbera daisy wedding bouquet. even though grooms can opt for any daisy flower boutonnière and cummerbund.

If you want to skip the routine white colored wedding then you can go for a yellow daisy theme and believe about the yellow daisy wedding  invitations. Do not forget to include daisy flowers towards wedding decorations and the wedding ceremony centerpieces. Also, make certain you don’t forget to fill the invitations with some imaginative wordings for wedding ceremony invitations!

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