Making your guests wow for your pocket wedding invitations

Choosing pocket wedding invitations can always be a wise decision to leave your guests a good impression. No matter you are going to have a roman tic or formal wedding, those pockets can always reach your demand for their elegance and delicacy.

red pockets wedding invitation

Many couples are careful and want to prepare themselves for their wedding. In this case, you can choose pockets wedding invitations and then assemble them to the one you like. For example, you choose different colored pockets and seal. Then, you can make your favorite color combination. It definitely can make your cards unique and show your own personalities.

The pockets are use to hold your invitations, response cards and some other cards like reception or wishing well. After containing all cards need to be sent out, a seal can combine the whole set. Usually, some basic information will be included like bride’s and groom’s name and their wedding day.

sample patter for pockts

When deciding the color of the seal for your pockets, you should be much more considerable. Colors related to your invitations or your wedding color are recommended. The pockets can be the same design like invitations or you can do it your selves.

same design for seal

Create DIY Pocket Wedding Invites

If you want to save money from your wedding budget, a good way to cut costs is to make your own wedding invitations. Make your own handmade invites by using your computer and some arts and crafts supplies. One of the most popular invitation styles is the pocket fold which has a pocket to hold the RSVP, invitation and other details. It’s practical and popular. Here are tips on making your own pocket fold wedding invites.

To make DIY pocket wedding invites, you should make well preparation for everything, such as the style, color or even the details of your wedding inside the pocket. If necessary, you can make direction cards for your guests. If you want to make your invitations special and unique, you can go in for different designs, themes and layouts which are available online.

Since the DIY pocket fold wedding invitations is a perfect choice when you are tight on budgets, you should take some effort to make them stand out without cheap look. You can get some good ideas from online invitation samples or you can take the help of your friends to make the most unique and beautiful invites.

No matter which style you choose for making your pocket wedding invites, you should make sure that the layout and the overall design match your wedding theme. If you are planning to hold a formal wedding, you can choose simple colors like white, lavender or pale yellow to be the tone of your invitations. While, if you will have a beach wedding, bright colors such as blue or orange may be better.

Since modern and unique designs are gaining popularity these days, you can also follow this trend to create unique wedding invites. Add some accessories like lace, ribbons or dry flowers to express the uniqueness of your pocket wedding invitation cards.

Wording is also important for your DIY wedding invitation. So you also have to pay more attention to it. Check out all details of your invites before mailing to your guests and you should mail them in advance so that your guests will be able to come on time.

Steps To Making Pocket Fold Cards

Pocket fold invitations have flaps holding the parts of the total invitation. Resembling the old-fashioned wrapper and message combination, they open flat, holding a separate invitation in the center loosely and a side compartment holding response and return envelopes. Actually you can make it yourself.
Pocket Wedding Invite Cards DIYTake the imprinted invitation, which can be done by computer and use it as a guide to create a pattern for a pocket fold invitations. Measure the invitation and design a pattern to include a cover flap, two side flaps and a bottom RSVP holder flap plus 1 inch to fold to hold the RSVP inserts. This is a general guide.
Gold Leaf Pocket Fold IdeaCut out the pocket fold invitation. Fold the flaps in to go around the imprinted invitation as well as the two-part fold on the bottom of the invitation to hold the RSVP inserts. Secure both sides of the bottom 1-inch flap that holds the RSVP inserts with glue.

Insert the RSVP inserts in the bottom fold. Fold the bottom flap up, close side flaps in over the imprinted invitation and then close the cover flap down.
Pre-scored Pocket With RSVPInsert the packet into a larger envelope, address and mail. Be sure there is sufficient postage according to postal service rates.

The cover flaps of the pocket invitations can be sealed instead of inserting into a larger envelope if desired, then addressed and mailed.

Styles of Pocket Wedding Invitations

For couples looking for a modern touch, pocket wedding invitations may be their chosen style. Their contemporary look can be quite stylish with the added bonus of neatly organizing all the invitation insert pieces.

Golden Shimmer Jacket Wedding InvitationTranslucent Pocket – The wedding invitation is folded to size so the front is slightly visible when it is inserted into the transparent pocket. Sometimes the pocket will even have a design printed on the front that will gracefully blend with the design showing through from the inserted invitation. With this style, the invitation cards are usually a tri-fold or z-fold design to fit the smaller pocket size.

Floral Toile Pocket InvitationPocket Mailer – Also known as a self mailer, this style comes with an envelopment that holds your invitation card and has a bottom pocket for holding enclosure pieces. There is some customer assembly required in that the card will have to be attached to the envelopment usually with provided glue dots. Once assembled the envelopment wraps around your invitation to fold up into its own self-mailing piece adhered with a clear seal.

Pocket Wrap – This design also has an outer wrap to surround your invitation card and a pocket for holding enclosure cards but is inserted and mailed in a separate envelope. Depending on the invitation design, the pocket could be located at the bottom or on the side.

Side-by-Side Pocket Folder – This stylish folder wrap opens to reveal two equal side-by-side pockets, one for the invitation and the other for insert cards.

Whatever pocket wedding invitations you may choose, just to be sure, it is recommended you take one of your ready-to-mail wedding invitations to the post office to officially determine if extra postage is required.