Beach wedding invitations make your wedding unique

For most brides, having an elegant and romantic wedding is always what they are pursuing after. And what could be more romantic than having a gorgeous wedding at the beach? Beach weddings are considered as one of the most popular locations for nuptials. It is totally understandable for its soft sand, fresh breeze, cute starfishes and the vast waters.

With the great imagination in mind, it is time to think about the more detailed things for the beach wedding and the wedding invitations are probably the first one that you should be careful of since invitation cards always set the tone for the wedding and partly have impact on the decisions of the potential guests on whether they will attend or not.

It is supposed that the invitation reflect the theme of your wedding. Beach wedding invitations are as varied as the different oceans on the world. You can add some typical elements of the beach into the wedding like the seashells, sands, flip flops and palm trees and so on.

Once you pick out the theme of the wedding, you can start to think about the other elements to add in the invitations. Apart from buying the invitations in some physical stores, you can also purchase online where goods are much cheaper and the invitations are no less in quality than those in the real stores. Besides, purchasing online enables you to have a more careful choosing and save you both time and money.

Being creative in design and novel in style, there are still some rules the invitation cards should follow in the wording. You should promise the information you offer is absolutely correct and clear.

Anyway, invitation cards are in most circumstances kept as the keepsakes for the guests, so does the beach invites. You can do your best adding the necessary elements into the design so that you can have personal-attached invitations symbolizing your wedding.

Pink and brown wedding invitations

Wedding is always the most crucial event in most if not all women’s lives. And it is generally considered that everything that relate to it has to be perfect. Among all the details you need to prepare, wedding invitations are definitely the most important part since they serve as the first impression of the wedding and set the tone and reflect the theme of the wedding.

From soft and romantic to bold and dramatic, color-themed weddings say much about you and your spouse. For generations, brides chose to have colors that are more auspicious to represent the love, romance and excitement of their wedding. And the following are some instruction about red and pink invitation cards that may help you for the wedding.

Actually, red is not merely fit for Christmas nuptials or Valentine’s Day ceremonies. They can be employed to the wedding which brings much fun and shines the bride out in the ceremony. To be honest, the colors that mostly work with red is ivory, metallic and white. They always trim in a shade of red or prints with red to evoke timeless style to make it a perfect memory.

With red-hued wedding stationery, your guests will know what to expect is most likely a dignified and classic event. Besides, the employment of red sometimes in the wedding invitation also shows that your personality is passionate and energetic.

When it comes to pink, most people will naturally think of being cute and sweet. And it really represents the innocence with the combination of white or brown. Your guests will anyway have the impression that you are a romantic person. Since wedding is a event evoked by love, romance is indispensible in the wedding and make the whole environment more adorable.

Besides, pink wedding invitation is suitable for wedding since the soft shades of the color are especially appropriate for weddings uniting sweethearts or first loves. Though what mentioned above is only two of the many choices, you also need time and effort to decide what really fit you.

Red wedding invitations show your bold nature

Red always impresses people something auspicious and is always employed in many occasions. As to a wedding, everything is supposed to be good and perfect and red is definitely one of the best suitable. When it comes to the invitation, red wedding invitations are both eye-catching and audacious.

As a traditional color, red wedding invitations have strong ties to love. And they always suit the love most brides fail to express in the invitations. Opting for red wedding invitations is a bold move that will draw the attention from the guests and leave a lasting impression.

The red color is available in a variety of styles of invitations and suits any wedding budget. Brave brides want to make their invitations novel and creative could incorporate white or cream with red accents to make the invitation eye-attracting. It also works well with colors like pink, gray and other colors.

If you are planning your wedding all by yourself, colors like red is a perfect one and easy for you to make. You can easily pair a red background with an elegant lily with some delicate details. If red is the only color you want consider, you could use swirls and some other embellishments with the decoration of your sweet photos sticking to it.

Red wedding invites actually are not only a terrific choice for bold and surprising wedding; they also suit all kinds of invitation requirements, be it formal or casual. Just imagine the situation when your guests come with the red invites in hand, what beautiful scene that will be!

For a bold and gorgeous wedding it is excellent to choose some also bold invitations to match. Red is a great color to incorporate with the overall situation. It is more audacious of you to bedeck your wedding invitations with red envelope.

Ideas for Tropical Themed Wedding Invites

Thinking about the picture that you and your future spouse walk on a beach hand in hand and feel the warm ocean breezes across your body, that sounds romantic and cozy, right? The colorful flowers and the muskiness of coconut oils all can be seen at your tropical themed wedding invitations. It’s the best way to share your happiness with your friends and let them know the theme of your upcoming wedding. Here are some ideas on choosing the perfect invitations.

How about the ocean theme for your wedding cards? Consider a picture of a couple walking the ocean’s edge while the sun sets. Or you can think about a couple sit under a big beach umbrella and staring deeply at each other. Meanwhile, you also can choose cards that printed with an ocean scene that consists of a light blue sky, deep blue water and two palm trees stand on the corner of the golden sand.

Hawaiian themed wedding invitations also look wonderful and are filled with tropical atmosphere. Imagining the picture of a Hawaiian girl wearing a garland hat and in a grass skirt in your wedding cards, it must be interesting and gorgeous. You also can make your invitations shape like starfish, sand dollar or sea shell with wordings written inside the card. You even can choose a simple and elegant style decorated with real shells to show the wedding theme to your guests. To be funnier, you can choose the bottle style wedding invitations that wrap your cards into glass bottles and mail to your friends, meanwhile, you can put some sand into the bottle.

As an important part in the tropics, flowers cannot be ignored in your wedding invitation cards. There are a great number of tropical flowers can be used for your cards, such as lotus, plumeria, or hibiscus. If you like something unique, you can make your invitation cards flower-shaped. Another good idea is to create a border around your invitation and place a large palm tree or several sunflowers on the left side of the invitation while the wordings are written on the right. Or, use the tropical flowers to highlight the details of the invitation as they encircle the details.

Perfect Elements For Your Summer Wedding Card

As spring 2011 is coming, the hot summer is also right here nearly. If you want a summer wedding, you’ve chosen the perfect summer date, now it’s time for gorgeous summer wedding invites! Whether you’ve chosen June, July, or August for your big day, you can bring those sweet summer months into every aspect of your wedding planning, including your wedding invitations.

Summer Wedding InvitationsSunny yellow: Whether you want soft butter yellow for an early June or late May wedding, or shimmering metallic gold to evoke the delicious heat of August, a pretty shade of yellow is ideal for bringing to mind the sunshine-drenched summer months.
Bright Yellow Spice Dotted Heart InvitationBright: Sky blue and cloud white will remind your guests of the coming summer skies and how beautiful they’ll be. Grass green is lovely and different, and accents of red or white will make your wedding invitations as beautiful as a summer garden.

Flowers: Summery white daisies make a perfect addition to your cards, bringing up all the best of the season with their simplicity, innocence, and charm. They’re lovely for spring weddings, too.

Sweet Pink Flora InviteAre you going somewhere where it’s always summer? For a gorgeous sunny destination wedding, you’ll need the perfect summer  invitations. Try sunset shades of blue and gold for a beach wedding.

With beautiful summery seasoned invitations, you’ll get everyone in the mood for your gorgeous wedding in this wonderful summer. Are you ready!

Unique Beach Wedding Invites With Embossed Design

Embossed graphics are impressive on any invitation, especially beach wedding invitations. On an invitation, this means that portions of the lettering or design look and feels higher than the paper itself when you run your fingers across it. Choose an elegant embossed beach unique wedding invitations that sets a formal tone for your entire event.

Invitation with embossed graphics, including: Seashells ; Conch shells ; Traditional island shell wedding horns; Native flowers; Couple’s monogram; Dolphins; Starfish; Seahorses; Ocean life scenes; Waves; Sunset and water; Lighthouse; Sailboat.

Ocean Shoreline Tropical Embossed Wedding InvitationCouples should pick out an invitation that reflects their personal style and taste, with elements that will be carried out in the rest of the beach wedding decorations. Embossed invitations can be purchased through wedding invitation catalogs, online, or through wedding shops and salons that sell stationary.

Bride & Groom On Seashore Wedding CardThe elegance of an embossed invitation does not make it a cheap wedding invitation. Brides and grooms who want to save money should consider making do it yourself wedding invitations. That can make your embossed  beach wedding cards more unique than others.

Nature Beauty Of Spring Invitation Ideas

As the spring footstep comes near, not only be applied in everyday life, but also the wedding. As one of your concern for the environment, it never hurts to enter natural themes in marriage.To let your Wedding invitation card return to nature is also a trend. It’s time to prepare your spring wedding invites. To match your wedding in spring season, there are some ideas for you.

Berries and Blooms Green Wedding InviteFind spring featured colors. For example, green, brown, blue. These colors can perfectly reflect nature.

Wedding invitation cards that contain natural elements can also great for your spring style, such as leaves, trees, flowers, or birds. Not the leaves, flowers or native trees of course.
Blushing Floral Spring CardIf you like the shape of leaves or flowers or maybe a bird, you can also insert these overall elements by choose custom ones in stores or if you have plenty of time, you can try to create DIY invitations to give your spring cards unique look. And wedding invitation cards made from recycled paper, which can really support the “Go Green”.

Lovebirds In Flowers and leaves Green Weeding InvitesThere are also other more ideas for creating unique natural wedding invitation cards. Ask your family or friends, go inside to local shops or search online, no matter which one, combine all of them, you can get more natural card ideas to impress your guests by your spring wedding invites.

Invitation Wording Rule For Casual Cards

No matter where you will host your casual wedding ceremony and decide to send out your casual invitations, do you think the rule in wording is beside the point?  You still need set stand wording. Be sure that you get all the pertinent information and much better to insert some creativity of personality. However, the whole point of your wording is—casual. Beach weddings are usually, by their nature, casual.
Casual Fun Beach WeddingCertainly, the minimum information you must have on invitation cards are the names of the couple, the date and time, and the location of the ceremony. Maps or directions should be included on a separate page, and an RSVP date should be indicated. It can be as simple as saying Name and Name invite you to their wedding. You can be more effusive as you like, but simple will always get the point across.
Shore Thing Casual Invite
You may demand invitations play to the casual wedding theme or style. One thing to be mindful of is writing something simply enough that all the invitees will understand. If you are going to use wording for a casual wedding invitation that alludes to how you met in some oblique way, again, keep it simple.
Sweet Sunny Scene Casual StyleMany themed weddings will involve costume, which is casual only in that it is non-traditional. If yours is one of these, your invitation must include pertinent information. Guests will need to know what sort of dress is acceptable and where to get it. Where possible, you should note that some things can be provided.
Giddy-Up Casual Cowboy CardEven for a casual wedding, you can still set up a wedding website or blog to give further information and answer questions easily. In fact, if you want a really casual invite that is eco-conscious, you can use an online invitation service instead of sending out paper cards.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wording for casual wedding invitations. Simple and direct will be a great first etiquette step towards a lovely day. As long as you cover the basics and create an invitation that matches your wedding, you can get the word out to every guest easily.

Make Your Invitation Unqiue With Tropical Style

Whether you choose a Hawaiian luau or a beach party, a tropical wedding can be great fun, and the tropical invitations can help set the mood. Put the finishing touches on your wedding plans.

Shell Heart on the Sandy Beach InviteChoosing just one type to match the theme of the party is a good idea. For instance, if you are planning a post wedding pool party, your cards can be decorated with beach chairs, pool toys and beach umbrellas may be just the thing. A wedding with a Hawaiian theme may be best served by tropical styles decorated with leis and grass skirts.

Plumeria tropical wedding CardMany tropical themed weddings are casual affairs, so be sure to include information on appropriate address. A personalized note or photograph is also a personal touch when sending out those invites.

Tropical themed weddings will continue to be a great way to invite those special people to your wedding, and also a popular way for couples to share their love with them.