Wedding Invitation – Traditional Vs Non-Traditional Style

There are so many wedding invitation options available for your special day. The first thing that you need to decide when it comes to wedding invitations is whether you prefer traditional wedding invitations or non traditional wedding invitations. A wedding invitation is usually the first impression guests have of your upcoming event. If the style of the wedding invitations is misleading, some guests may arrive at the event with wrong dressing.

Some people like traditional wedding invitations while others prefer non-traditional styles. When it comes to your wedding invites, be sure that the invitations you choose accurately reflect the theme of your wedding. As a consequence, you should know the differences between the two styles.

Traditional wedding invites are usually one sheet which looks simple and elegant. A simple list of the wedding information and a RSVP are included. Meanwhile, the wording is quite formal, and it is usually written in a script type format or font. As for the color, traditional wedding invites are usually in white and black color. A black boarder will outline the information about the event. Another common feature of traditional wedding cards is the use of ribbons. You can tie it in the middle of the invitation or on the top of the invitation which creates a classic and romantic look which accompanies the details about this most special of days.

Non-traditional wedding invitations have various fonts and colors, or perhaps are hand written. Informal invites can be shaped like a bottle or include things like sand, starfish or other items in the envelope along with the actual invitations. As now is a modern society, nontraditional style is becoming more and more popular. If your wedding is casual and informal, you can choose a non-traditional style. While if your wedding is every formal and traditional you will be better off with traditional invitations.

The invitation is going to be the first hint about the style of your wedding. So, it’s important to express your wedding theme on your wedding invitations to inform your guests. No matter which invitation styles you choose, be sure it matches with your wedding theme and won’t beyond your budget.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations – A Simple and Elegant Choice

It is known to all that wedding invitations are one of the most important parts in your wedding. Choosing suitable wedding invites is a hard task, because there are lots of things have to be considered. The best way to do it is to make them simple and elegant, because an elegant invitation will never out of date. One style of elegant invitations is letterpress printing.

Letterpress wedding invitation cards are used many times in weddings for their simple and stunning appearance. They are popular for both traditional and non-traditional. If you like single color, make sure that the color matches with the style and theme of the wedding card. No matter it is printed in single color or mixed colors, the results are all pretty good. And if the letterpress wedding invitations look too simple to attract your guests, you can use some embellishments to decorate them, such as stain ribbons and flowers.

If you search online, you can find a full range of wedding invitations with various colors and styles. Searching from online shops help you save time to find the most beautiful one and let you get a general idea on the price of each style.

Letterpress wedding invites are always elegant and beautiful. People usually get impressed by their special printing techniques. At the same time, most of letterpress wedding cards made of cotton paper which is usually soft.

Simple letterpress invitation cards can also be unique. You can choose a simple designed card and make a little bit change to create a unique one. Choosing sparkly ink and adding ribbon to the invitation can be just the touch you need to create a fabulous wedding invitation. It also can help you save money on buying complicated wedding invites.

Please remember that the wedding invitations represent the first impression your guests will get for your marriage. So choosing perfect and ideal wedding invitation cards for your guests is pretty important. Simple and elegant letterpress invitations are one of the best choices for you. The letterpress printed cards can make your special event more valued and memorable.

Classic Wedding Invitations for Your Special Day

With so many of styles available in wedding invitations, it is hard to find the most suitable one. Most of people choose classic wedding invites, because they are timeless and never go out of fashion. Their simplicity adds a touch of elegance to your special day.

Classic wedding invites usually contains a single sheet of plain card which is simply decorated. Normally the invitation card is printed in black ink, sometimes with raised ink. Raised ink adds texture to the invitation and makes an elegant feel. The color of raised ink can be gold or silver. The card itself may be embossed to create a sumptuous look. Cream card with gold ink is super beautiful. For a touch of sparkle, you can make your invitations printed in gold color. If you want  a simple but still elegant invitation, you will not ignore your wedding theme color into the card. Try to use your taste of color collocation to guide your final decision.

Before purchasing your wedding invitations, you should make sure the quality of them is high. That means you should choose proper materials. The highest quality invites may be printed on board rather than card. However, heavy weight card makes a good substitute for those on a budget.

A replay card is an absolute must included in a simple and classic wedding invitation. A replay card will help you get your guests response. If possible, you send a reception card at the same time. By the way, packing for these invites should be simple as well.

No matter how simple you decide to make when choosing your invitations, it is important to let your personality shine though. Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to share you and your partner’s personality to your family and friends who are giving you their warm blessings and wishes.

Classic wedding invitations have been and will continue to be a mainstay of the wedding invites world. They are properly the most common type in shops. Classic wedding invitation cards are classic they are timeless and are sure not to draw much criticism. So, you can choose classic wedding invitations for your special day.

Things About Damask Wedding Invitations

Damask wedding invitations are a great option if you want to perform traditional wedding ceremony. As we known, Damascus was the preserve of old ladies, but has recently changed. It has become a new trend for weddings, but makes a bold and modern, very far from the ancient damask. Here are some ideas on how to integrate elegant damask wedding invitations.

Tiffany Blue Damask Swirls Wedding InvitationDamask styles is so popular for weddings large and contrasting graphic, often with brightly colored or clear and bright tones. Black and white is one of the most distinctive color templates; espresso with a light color is another popular option. The bright colors make the new model of damask and add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise formal design.

Elegant Damask Side Borders Red Trim Wedding InvitationDamask prints in tablecloths, napkins are used, and chair covers, including the wedding cake itself. In the last few seasons has damask black and white has become very popular in home decor magazines and interior design shows. However, damask wedding cards comes in many different colors, including red, green, purple and aquas. There are a variety of new ways to enjoy traditional damask pattern.

When your wedding is traditional, considering a form that is connected to the theme of damask designs.  Choose your wedding invitations are sure to capture the magic of damask and build excitement about the prospect of marriage this day.

Traditional Wedding Invites For Formal Weddings

Traditional wedding invitations are good options than formal style. They are usually made of a single sheet of white cardboard or cream or PCB data married in black ink. Learn how to choose wedding invites that best suit your wedding style.

Simply Ecru Classic Wedding Invite

Accepted standards of traditional wedding invitations etiquette that sometimes require more traditional actions. An e-mail is not a wedding invitation church. There is a wealth of information available on the Internet, if you’re unsure comply with the official recommendations.
Mocha a La Mode Wedding Card

Select wedding invitations very classic white cotton or thick materials. Engraving is the traditional black, but some people think it is less hard gray, pure white paper.For formal and informal invitations, you have to decide what he wants, knows how to react properly. Elegant details such as triple-panel design or a wreath of gold are charming and timeless. Invitation with rounded corners can also be beautiful and just a little different. Have your traditional wedding invitations addressed by a calligrapher in an ornate script font.

Pearly Pinstripe Traditional Wedding Invitation
Remember, there are many small details that add to your favorites invitations can be customized. Brides can select trim between the bands of ribbon around the invitations, colored pencils, particularly as tiny charms, or almost anything else imaginable, desktop effects attached. Your classic wedding invitations are the perfect way to welcome guests to join you on your special day selected.