2013 Cheap Vintage Wedding Invitations Recommendation

Vintage has been a hot wedding theme for years and it is obvious that it will continues to be one of the hottest wedding theme in the year 2013, and of course so do vintage wedding invitations. Here I’d like to recommend some cheap but quality vintage wedding invitations for your 2013 wedding.

Green Vintage Wedding Invition Green Vintage Wedding Invition

Vintage Tree Wedding InvitesVintage Tree Wedding Invites

Vintage Purple Wedding CardVintage Purple Wedding Card

Vintage Green Wedding Invite Vintage Green Wedding Invite

Black and White Vintage Wedding InvitationsBlack and White Vintage Wedding Invitations

Vintage Black Shivering Wedding InvitesVintage Black Shivering Wedding Invites

Vintage Yellow Wedding InvitesVintage Yellow Wedding Invites


Ideas of Vintage Wedding Invitations

As we all know, vintage style is sweeping the whole world in recent years.Vintage is becoming a hot word,so does vintage style wedding. Selecting an appropriate wedding invitation can be not that easy. For a vintage style wedding, vintage wedding invitations are needed.


It doesn’t take a time machine – or a fortune – to get the vintage wedding of your dreams.All these can began with your unique vintage wedding cards. Retro reminds us of the old beautiful days that can never be forgotten. Here are some idea of making vintage wedding cards.


·Iconic movie scenes

Taking a cue from romance greats is a good idea.You can print some pictures from the classical movies on your wedding cards ,like Roman Holiday, Casablanca, Meet Me in St. Louis, and Gone With The Wind for .By the way ,you can also print your engagement photos which imitate some scenes of those movies.



Designing the invite to look like a telegram can be retro enough.Telegram is one of the first reliable long-distance communication method which begins in the United Kingdom and the United States.When using the telegram style invitations,do not to forget to complete the look with wax seal and stamps.


·Kraft paper

Kraft paper is another symbol of vintage style.To write the wedding invitation on kraft paper, leave it as simple as you can, just some words and that’s all.Notice that the script should be retro as well.


·Post card

You can also invite your wedding guests on the post cards, the invitation-like post card or the post card-like invitation,whatever. They can absolutely reminds your guests of the past days of using post cards.


·Old stuff

Printing some pictures of old stuff on the invitations,maybe old bicycles,radios,houses ,etc.


Wedding can be fantastic moments that can never be forgotten for all the girls. The above are some ideas of vintage wedding invitations,there are of course some other thoughts we will put forward next time.


Get vintage wedding invitations to start your wedding

Living in a society sending strong air of modern tincture, people are now more attracted to vintage weddings. It is an elegant display of old fashion with a modern touch. Much attention has been attached to prepare a vintage design wedding ceremony. Since the wedding invitations are the first glance into the overall theme of the wedding. So sending them beautiful and vintage wedding invitations can be both easy and rewarding.

When making an invitation card, you should first of all get to know the color scheme. Colors often used in vintage designs are cream, black, white and chocolate. Patterns that contain floral or wood-grain elements can add a touch of vintage to the wedding invites.

Secondly, choose vintage-inspired wedding invites template from an online shop. Then join calligraphy into it to make it more vintage-like. Coordinate with some professionals on how the invitation’s text should read. Check carefully the information on the template to match the details and make sure all the dates, venues and directions are written correctly before sending them out.

Since you have set your mind on producing vintage wedding invites, you are supposed to make sure that the styles of the invitation cards go with the wedding theme otherwise, it could be very awkward and embarrassing.

When choosing for the materials, delicate materials such as letterpress- inspired cotton or pearl or textured pattern. Edges add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the whole wedding invites design. To conclude, wedding invitations are symbols presenting that two people are getting married soon and it is advisable to create a feel of love and warm.

Tips To Craft Medieval Style Invites

With the many things to do and attend to for your wedding, one of the most important things that should be arranged and given attention to would be the wedding invites. What about a vintage themed style? Okay, so you can consider medieval wedding invitations. Just a great vintage style.

Prepare the following: 8 ½ x 11 inch paper; white- or tan-colored business-size envelopes; a graphic arts software program; a ruler; wax used for sealing.
medieval wedding invitation styleOpen a graphic arts program in your compute-rand start a new document. Select an appropriate border that should be connected with your theme. Preferably have a border that has fancy scrolls or Celtic designs. Your research on the designs of the Medieval Ages will come in handy during this time.And then you would now need to choose, again, an appropriate font and font style for your wording. Fancy font styles are the best choices, such as Calligraph 421 BT, Tudor, Excalibur and Chaucer. Make sure they’re in line with the medieval theme.
Medieval Invitation Style Bride with Knight in Shining ArmorWords come last. You can start with the line, “The honor of thy presence is requested …” and continue on with the same line of thought throughout the invitation. Present the information such as the dates, the place, contact persons in the same manner. Make sure that a copy of a map for the wedding and the reception is also included.

Finally give the paper a more natural look just grab a ruler and lay it on a straight line with the edge of the paper flat underneath it. Gently pull the paper upward so as to tear and soften the edges, at the same time making sure that it’s done in a clean line.

Once you’re done, you may fold the invitation and use wax to seal it that prevents complications with the mailing process. Till now, your DIY medieval invitations are crafted perfectly. These unique cards will surely impress your guests.

Vintage Wedding Invitations and Announcements

Wedding invite cards haven’t changed drastically over the years. Invitations from the pioneer days were simple, written in elegant script on plain white or brown paper. Victorian wedding invitations often had elegant embossed borders. Here are some unique ways to add a little vintage  flair to wedding invitations and announcements.Vintage Love Wedding Invitation

Vintage Paper Dolls
For elegant playful wedding invitations, consider using vintage paper dolls. Simply attach a cut out paper doll to a cardstock base and compose the wedding announcement or invitation on the back.

Vintage Letterpress Companies
Letterpress printing evokes a bygone era of inky newspaper printing. While newspapers are no longer printed using this method, letterpress printing is still used in fine literary editions or for wedding invitations. The crisp imprinted lettering created by this printing technique is best for use on simple, text-based invitations, as graphics and designs may be less clear with letterpress printing.Vintage Cardigan Printed Wedding Invitation

Society Columns
A unique way to announce a wedding is through the format of the old-fashioned society column. These columns, still prevalent in some form in many local newspapers, updated readers on everything from who was going on vacation to who in town was still recovering from the flu.

Researching Vintage Wedding Invitations
Starting the search for the perfect vintage wedding invitations can be overwhelming when sorting through all of the styles and historical eras. Do plenty of research ahead of time online or at the library to find the exact style that appeals most.

Details for Indian Wedding Invitations

In the age of quick e-greetings, the Indian tradition of beautifully designed and printed wedding invitation has prevailed. There are some tips for Indian wedding invitations.


Calculating the wedding cards expenditure goes beyond the cost per invitation. It is best to keep the total cost of the wedding cards in mind plus the delivery charges and a buffer for eventualities. Here is what will add to the cost of the traditional Indian wedding invitation cards: the paper quality; color; special color wishes; special designs; envelopes; inserts; gifts.India Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards


Apart from standard Indian wedding card templates that any printer will have on file, there are many ways one can personalize Indian wedding invitations. Apart from sending the main card with the actual wedding invitation, there are various options for inserts:

  • an invitation to the couple’s engagement if that is taking place shortly before the wedding
  • an invitation to the wedding sangeet, usually two to three days before the wedding
  • an invitation to the mehendi ceremony if separate from the sangeet
  • directions to the wedding venue and other functions’ venues
  • the wedding program
  • a translation booklet if the wedding card is in Hindi or any other language
  • place cards for sit-down dinners
  • RSVP cards

Padded Red Wedding Cards


Most Indian weddings have a theme that is reflected in the wedding invitations through colors, style and design. Personalized gifts for each guest are becoming huge trends. Another trend is customized wedding stationery, such as elegant and sophisticated wedding invitations, RSVP cards, table plans and more.