Five Wording Templates for Wedding Invitations

Many new couples may come across a big problem before their big days, that is how to write wedding invitations. Not all of them are familiar with this etiquette. Should the wording be formal? Or to be unique? Will all the guests like it? If you have no idea about the wording, we have recommend you five wording templates. Just find the one you like!

wording templates for wedding invitations

mint and peach ribbon dandelion spring wedding invites

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elegant flower laser cut wedding invitations

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starfish folded beach summer wedding invitation

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classic wedding invitations gold buckle white satin ribbon layered

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classic affordable blush pink heart wedding invitations

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Classic Black and White Wedding Inspirations

The combination of black and white for weddings is one of those timeless classics that will never to out of style. If you are a traditionalist, you can stick with damask and flourish patterns for an upscale, elegant look at your wedding. Here are some black and white wedding ideas.

black and white wedding ideas

Seal and send out your black and white wedding invitations to set the right mood for the ceremony.Just click on the following photos and start to personalize to make them you own wedding invites.


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Top Wedding invitation trends for 2013

Wedding invitations set the tone for the big day and say much about the atmosphere of the wedding apart from providing people information regarding your big day. In fact, trend is a kind of effect that matters a lot to the wedding and they majorly decides whether your invitation cards will be a success.

wedding trends 2013

As for the trends for the coming year, there are some parts you can work on in fact to make your own cards one of a kind. First of all, classic color combination is still the rage, white and black, cream will remain to be best choices for wedding colors.

Besides, colors like blue, brown and pink will be new hot choices for invitations in the coming year. They are suitable for both formal and casual invitations. Besides, you can work them together and make the cards creative.

laser cut wedding invitations

As for the designs, flowers will still be one of the most popular choices since they are suitable for so many different themes and will always have great impression to the guests. In addition, swirls and butterflies also remain hot trends for the most popular designs for the invitations in 2013.

vintage wedding trend

As for the wording, there are still two different types for you to choose, including formal verse and casual ones. You can in fact add some of your own ideas and make the wording unique and special. What’s more, you have to make sure that the information provided on the cards are all correct.

Wonderful collections of wedding invitation wording samples

There are two basic types of wedding invitation wording including formal wording and informal wording. Wedding invitation wording sets the tone, theme and mood for your wedding. It give cues to guests about what kind of dress they need to be in as dress requests are different according to the wedding style. To be specific, there are formal, semi-formal and casual weddings.

Wedding Invitations

As you can see from the above two samples, the left one is formal wedding invitation wording while the right one is casual wedding invitation wording. The wording tells guests the wedding style. Usually, couples will choose a much fancier font for their own names to make it outstanding. Of course, they may also choose a different color for names. Below are two great wedding invitation wording samples.

Unique Alternative To A Traditional Pocket Style Invitation

It is not a very hard task for you to write down proper wording for the wedding invitation. You can search out some good samples easily through Internet. On professional wedding invitation website, you can find many wording styles meeting many different needs. And you are surly to find one fits your situation. Once you find out the wedding invitation wording good for you, the rest thing is to replace your information with the original sample which is definitely easy for you.

The above invitation has a unique way to list its wording. If you love the feeling and meaning you get from this design, you can just choose it and fill your information instead. If you can compose the wedding invitation wording decently, it will just make your beautiful invitation much more welcoming to your guests.

How to get informal wedding invitation wording

To celebrate your bid day, there are actually many ways you can work, be it formal or casual, modern or vintage. Whatever the wedding you want to have, the wedding invitations do matter a lot to it. These days, many brides-to-be are inclined to have a casual wedding since it saves much time and pain.

Considering you have chosen an informal wedding, you can really have a break on this despite the formal announcements have specific guidelines that the informal in not as defined.

cute wedding invitations

If you want to put the parents names on the invitation, there are actually some rules you should obey. The first thing to remember is that first names are necessary on the invitations. Generally speaking, people would have the woman’s name first for a couple. In this case, man’s name and surname can be put together. However, if your parents are divorced, your mother’s name is still first. You can add the name of step parent also if you like.

fantastic wedding invitations

Choosing to have informal wedding invitation wording actually means that you have much more leeway. You can make the wording whatever you like and make the invitations comfortable to you. Besides, it is ok for you to add reception information on the invitations of you don’t want to order reception cards separately. In a word, this would save you much trouble sending separate cards to the guests. After all, you can add some of your personal characteristics into the cards and that will make your invitations one of a kind.

casual wedding invitation wording

Formal wedding invitations create different nuptial

A gorgeous wedding always need quite planning and planning an elegant wedding is even more effort-taking and involve more planning. To be honest, wedding is an occasion that thought to be divine since it is a significant moment witnessing two people who are in love with each other. That’s why so many people choose to have formal weddings to celebrate the big day.

Actually, whatever the wedding is, formal or casual, the content doesn’t differ greatly. In fact, when planning a formal wedding, invitations are always the first impression people get to know about the coming event. You should be able to give some hint about the formality in the invites so that guests can have clear thoughts about what to wear and prepare. And it is usually done in the wording of the invitation cards.

Speaking of being formal, it doesn’t mean the invitation should be complicated. Instead, it can be simple with necessary information in the right manner. Generally speaking, colors like black, white and cream are great choices for formal invitation cards. It is also a great idea to include a tissue paper overlay since it is an old and elegant tradition.

When it comes to the wording of the wedding invites, they are actually a job full of wisdom. Everything should be written without any abbreviations. And it will be better if you choose to use some old English wording with the specific font to indicate the formality of your wedding. But always bear in mind the usage of the words.

In despite of the formality of the wording, there are also some other information you should know. For instance, the date, time and the place to hold the event are required so that the guests can have accurate master about the wedding details.

It is true formal wedding invites have some rules to follow, but you can still add some elements into the invitation cards since you have theme for the wedding. Anyway, remember what to do and what not you will anyway make a great formal wedding invitation.

Irresistible winter wedding invitations

Winter wedding is always thought to be boring and rare people choose to have a wedding in the colorless season. It is understandable since winter is cold and it really is not as wonderful as getting married in spring and summer. While wedding in winter has its specific features like you can actually have more imagination and even don’t have to pay much for romantic venues in that wedding in winter allows you to have white snow as your background which is of great beauty.

As to the winter nuptial, there are actually many ways to make them as charming as spring ones, if not better. As the most important part when preparing a wedding, wedding invites set the tone for the wedding and even reveal some of your wedding features that have unique significance.

When it comes to winter wedding invitations, there are actually many elements you can employ in it. First of all, you can consider the images that can be used in the invitation cards. The branch of trees with snow covered on it, falling snowflakes and lovely orange pumpkins and some other elements. There are actually no limits in the invitation cards for a winter wedding.

In the same way that summer wedding has its themes, the winter wedding also set themes for the big day and the corresponding wedding invites are inevitable. By this way, the wedding invitations are much easier for you since you can strictly stick to the theme f your wedding. Generally speaking, having a winter wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t have floral invitation cards which are so colorful and make the invitations more charming and appealing.

Apart from what mentioned, winter as a season full of lots festivals, are much easier to find a proper theme that are both attractive and funnier. For example, you could have Santa claus in the wedding invites if Christmas is coming near. Anyway, wedding invites are a symbol of the style and content of your wedding, so prepare the invitation cards with more efforts will finally worth it.

Destination wedding invitations enable you have an unforgettable wedding

Considered as one of the most significant events in one’s life, wedding invariably matters a lot for the life to come. Different from the time when people purchase the same wedding ceremony, couples nowadays are much more interested to have a one of a kind wedding. And destination wedding is definitely one of the most fashionable ones that you may like to have.

Wedding invitations, be it modern or traditional, set the tone for the wedding and play an irreplaceable role in making a great wedding. And destination wedding invitations also have many distinguished features. And to make destination wedding funnier, the invitations are really one of the irresistible factors.

Whether you are heading to an exotic beach locale or a romantic European city, destination wedding invites can create a celebratory tone for your guests. For example, if you are heading for a beach resort, then passport invitations or bottle invitations are great choices for you in that they present the feature of the beach and are full of creativity.

If you are out of your imagination of thinking about great destination wedding designs, you could also search online and get some inspirations to have some creative invitations. Imagine how excited your family and friends will be to receive one of these special and unique invitation cards.

Just like ordinary wedding, destination wedding also needs themes. And this will make the invitation more charming and appealing. Are you dreaming of having a wedding that presenting your childhood dream? For example, if you are passionate about the Disney cartoon, then you could add the photos of your favorite characters into the invitations to make it more charming and informative.

Once you have set your mind of having destination wedding invites, you should be aware of keeping everything within the budget to put the money on something more worthy.

Wedding invitations suit your locations

It is always said that the wedding invitations help to set the tone for the nuptial and they are a wonderful way to give your guests a hint about what to expect. A great way is to find invitations that can have something to do with your wedding venue. And the following are some tips about how to match your invitations with beautiful wedding locations.

First of all, think about the reasons why you choose the venue for your wedding. The chances are that there was something about the environment of the place that really speaks to you. It is the place begins designing the wedding invitations which needs time and efforts to capture the essence.

You could actually design the invitations according to the motif of the wedding and your gusts will definitely know what to expect a swanky wedding when they get your elegant invitations. These days, outdoor locations are extremely popular for wedding and they always tend to be more casual. If you are getting married in a garden, then design wedding invitations with petals in it and floral embellishment in the paper will be ideal.

For a vineyard wedding, invitations that feature grapevines done in letterpress will be gorgeous. Another great idea is to have custom stationery made which is similar to vintage wine label. Either way, your friends and family will have a good imagination about the upcoming big day.

In addition, beach wedding and destination wedding are always favorite places for many couples for the romantic air they convey. You can get your guests in a tropical frame by ordering invitations with a distinctively beach flavor.

Whatever wedding invitation you are planning to have, be it modern or vintage, the most important thing is the sincerity and your effort of having a great wedding. Always bear in mind that with considerable devotion, you will anyway get a unforgettable wedding.